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Mother's Love, 

 .It's As Simple As That.


"A Prayer For All Mothers"

Pastor Gerry M. Kaye

For Mothers everywhere, happy or in despair,
Let us join in prayer 
for we are all the same no matter where.
We love our children, want the very best for them.
We want them to be safe and warm, well fed.
And this should surely be so,
We should be let to thrive and grow,
yet we are faced with evil's trials
that thwarts our peace, beguiles,
for greed in man that robs, controls
the lives of hearts and minds and souls.
To turn us from our GOD to sin;
destroy us from within,
 to take us backwards from the truth
so that we cannot win.
What is to win, some ask?
And how is it our task?
We win when mothers everywhere 
can raise their children without fear
of governings that do not care
to let GOD's Will be clear:
for freedom deep within their souls
to raise them for their self control,
within the FATHER's Grace,.
not condemned evil's embrace,
for lives of worth and peace, 
Help us win true happiness.
In The Name of Our LORD,


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