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"You And Your Diet". "The Basics". "About The Atkin's Diet". "Eating For One"
Gerry M. Kaye
Jan. 29, 2004, 10:00 A. M. PT; Updated.
II John 1:2
Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health,
even as your soul prospers.

"You And Your Diet"
One after another, diet fads come and go with the same general results of a post-turn-around weight gain.

With nutrition for good health being the foremost factor of importance, and not only removing unwanted pounds, a personal diet that truly works for life, can be achieved by each individual, depending on rates of metabolism, amounts of activity and exercise, regional availability of foods, and mostly, a disciplined desire to take control of ones own weight.

"The Basics"

Let's be honest, if we each were to consume exclusively in a 'natural food' diet, a reasonable amount of fresh, carefully washed raw fruits, salads; unrefined grains daily; small amounts of oil and dairy products; with even a moderate amount of exercise, there would probably be no problem.

But by and large, humans for the most part are pleasure-seeking creatures that have been weaned on an extravagant taste for salty, sweetened, and creamy, and with these we find the chief offenders for our control.

Salt retains water, which can add pounds and harm body parts. Salt lovers should know that there are salt substitutes like 'No Salt' that contain the nutrient potassium and no sodium.

Sweetaholics surely are aware of the 'artificial' sweeteners that are available, and okay in moderate amounts; also switching types often is a good idea, studies having concluded that quantity consumed of each is the deciding factor as to safety to health. No-sugar pastries and candies are becoming more available and tastier as companies join the health and diet crusade.

Consumption of oils, considered fattening, obviously is an important factor for weight control, but should not be eliminated entirely. About 1+1/2 tablespoons daily is actually required for bodily smooth operation, the best choices being olive oil and canola. Butter in small amounts, because of its non - hydrogenation, is advisable over margarine. Trans-fat is bad for arteries and heart-health, as are animal fats in meat and poultry. Check labels for trans-fat and hydrogenated oil.

Low fat-no fat milk- cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and sour cream are helpful and palatably accepted by many. Especially for children, dairy products remain an important source of necessary calcium, to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis.

Eggs as a source of protein are favored by many, but are best if non-fertile and cage free, with precaution against salmonella poisoning by cooking well and washing hands, utensils, and counters after handling; which applies also to chicken / fowl.

Alcoholic beverages are okay in moderation, keeping in mind that, as in sugar and refined grains, they inhibit the burning of fat.

Water is an absolute essential for good, clean bodily health and weight control. Read: "Water For Life -Water For Health"; The recommended amount remains 8 glasses per day, and should be quality purified, considering the gross contaminants that are in most municipal water supplies. When purchasing bottled water, the label should claim purification; otherwise it could be just tap water in a fancy, costly bottle.

"About The Atkin's Diet"
First of all, let me say that from my own and others' reported experiences, the 'Atkin's Diet' works; but importantly, it must be limited to a short duration if one is to retain good health. The protein fats, the heavy cream, the butter, with a tiny list of fresh produce and exclusion of other fiber, are serious fat burners when combined, but can be harmful to ones overall health and circulation if not limited to a short duration. One week or less should produce a quick weight loss, depending on quantity consumed and accompanying amounts of exercise.

The best recommended plan for 'dieting for life' is to combine healthy foods like a good variety of fresh produce with proteins and unrefined grains such as whole grain, unrefined flour ( in cooked and baked goods), soybean products, oat bran, which serve to lower cholesterol and combine high nutritional value with weight control.

The high levels of saturated fat in animal meat products is a culprit in high cholesterol, cardio-vascular strokes and heart disease. Additionally, chemicals and hormones commonly added to the animals' diets, combined with the absorbed release of a poisonous bodily chemical caused by the animals' extreme fear at time of slaughter, can do humans bodily harm in susceptibility to diseases such as cancer.

One should be aware, and protective of family members of the alarming and increasing presence, worldwide, of animal infections such as 'mad cow disease', a similar form present in sheep and lamb, and Avian bird flu, etc., all of which have killed and can kill humans.

"Eating For One"
Medical Advisory: Smaller meals throughout the day give the body its fuel and nutrition and are better for weight control, than 2 or 3 larger meals, which can store the unneeded excess as fat.

It has been said that one could eat anything in really small portions and be thin as a rail. In the above mentioned healthful choices, and intake of smaller portions if weight is a problem, combined with a steady exercise pattern, even walking regularly, one can have the 'diet for life' that works for life.


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