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Jorel's son has a self appointed replacement .   in 'Obama The Arrogant'

only to be foiled by a true American leader:  'Joe The Plumber!'

 ... champion of all the hard working people in America! 
Ya a a yyy!

Before Joe, nobody knew what the heck 'Obama The Politician' was trying to peddle, but now,...

thanks to ..'Joe The Clarifier,' Americans are hearing, in plain English, translatable,

how it's supposed to work, here in .the U.S.A.,

not in   France,  or . Sweden.

For you see, 'Joe The Hard Worker'  wants to feel that he'll be rewarded for his hard work,

in being able to have his dream of owning his own business;

but 'Barack The "Cool" Mean Guy' - 

the Most Extreme Abortion Candidate, ever, ...
"If you kicked him in his heart, you'd break your toe."

... wants to 'change America'...from a place of productive prosperity,

always fundamentally sound because of her hard working people,

to where people like    'Grass Root Joe's' incentives

go miserably ....... down the drain,

because their dream of running a profitable and efficient small business, because of too much taxation,

is become unaffordable;

whose money suspiciously will probably just end up in the hands of people like:
'Obama The .Earmarker.'

Yep, "Obama The Big Spender"    had it all mapped out, ....

... but then came ...     ... just plain "Joe."

Hooray & Ya a a a yyy!


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Video Sarah Palin - Interview- On Barack Obama's Extreme Abortion Record
"..To withhold medical intervention for a baby who is born alive as a result of a botched abortion
and to allow that child to die without the medical intervention that that child deserves, it's appalling to me,
and I think it should concern voters, and I think they just need to know of that record, and it's not
mean spirited and it's not negative campaigning to call somebody out on their record; so that record of extreme,
extreme position taken on abortion, I think should be discussed and considered." Video

   Breast Cancer. Awareness  Month
The ABC Research: For mounting evidence of the abortion/breast cancer link, obtained from The National Library of Medicine
Featured: Get The Skinny On "BREAST CANCER NEWS"

Financial Meltdown In a Nutshell
John McCain called for stronger oversight of Fannie and Freddie in 2005, but Senate Democrats (including Obama) blocked reform.
Between 2005 and 2007, Fannie and Freddie bought up a trillion dollars worth of subprime mortgages.
Some they kept, some they packaged and sold to Wall Street. Thus Fannie and Freddie enabled and spread the contagion
that melted our financial system, while the Democrats enabled Fannie and Freddie over John McCain's objections...

Luke 2:14lory to OD In The ighest...
Oct. 14, 2008Sept. 30, 2008
Join In - "Prayer: Across America"
Jeremiah 31:34  " ... for they shall all know Me," Says The LORD.
 Sept. 23, 2008Sept. 9, 2008  - "A Call" |  "Sept 11, 2007"
"A Prayer For Unity In Decency"
"A Prayer For Blessings"
The Democrat party's fed funded main voter registration org. ACORN is being investigated in 14 states for manipulating
multiple Democrat registrations, that appears to be an attempt by ACORN to influence by voter fraud the elections in Nov/08.
Obama website lies about ACORN ties: Campaign tries to distance senator Obama from group convicted of voter fraud...
"Acorn"- Democrat Voter Fraud - New Video
Detailing the ties between Obama and Acorn, the organization currently under investigation for massive voter fraud in a number of battleground states.
Obama - Demeaning Life and Justifying Murder
To Obama, the value of human persons is not intrinsic but instead depends upon a quality that is assigned by a society through
its government. His stated goal is to overturn, with the "Freedom Of Choice Act",  pro-life legislation such as the federal ban on the horrible
'partial birth abortion procedure' and 'Born Alive Protection' for babies that survive an abortion.
Bill Bennett, interviewed on CNN -".... I got to question the guy's (Obama's) moral judgment who doesn't see a problem
with killing a baby after it's been born....What is the answer to that question?"
Radically Pro-Abortion - Obama Supports Infanticide
Obama's Abortion Extremism Unparalled
Sen. Barack Obama's views on life issues makes him the the most extreme pro-abortion candidate to have ever run on a major party ticket -
to seek the office of President of the United States. He is the most extreme pro-abortion member of the United States Senate. Indeed,
he is the most extreme pro-abortion legislator ever to serve in either house of the United States Congress.
Barack Obama's Socialist Background
It now appears that Barack Obama was indeed a certified
and acknowledged member of the Socialist Organization - DSA's New Party.
The Party - The Policies -The Candidates..
New documents show Obama cover-up on born-alive survivors bill
Contrary to multiple public statements Obama or his surrogates have made to
rationalize his opposition to the IL born-alive survivors bill for the past 4 years, we have found
2 separate documents proving Barack Obama has been misrepresenting facts.

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