Jeremiah 31:35; 33:6
Thus Says The LORD,
which Gives the sun for a light by day, and the Ordinances of the moon
and of the stars for a light by night,
which Divides the sea when the waves thereof roar;
The LORD of Hosts Is His Name:
I will Bring it Health and Cure,
and I will Cure them, and will Reveal to them the Abundance of Peace and Truth.
"The Book of  Life"
 "Wrath Made By Man"
 "His Good Word To Thank".
 Jeremiah 32:40; Proverbs 9:10 .
And I will make an everlasting Covenant with them,
that I will not turn away from them, to Do them Good;
but I will Put My fear in their hearts,
that they shall not depart from Me.
The fear of The LORD is the beginning of wisdom,
and the knowledge of the Holy is understanding.

June 2, 2004, 5: A. M.,  PT.; Updated
One might ponder the train of thought that the real and major problem that mankind faces as a whole, is a predominant lack of true understanding of His Maker and the significance of that in all of his doings. Misconception of His Truth can lead to iniquity that opposes The LORD, and the most vocal in the reluctance to mop up in the aftermath are often the ones that deny Him the most. It is a cruel thing to be unaware of the mechanism of Real Justice.

Isaiah 34:16; Proverbs 1:3; Jeremiah 31:34
Seek you out of the Book of The LORD, and read:
no one of these shall fail, ...
To receive the instruction of Wisdom, Justice,
and Judgment, and Equity;
... After those days, Says The LORD,
I will put My Law in their inward parts, and Write It in their hearts;
and will Be their GOD, and they shall be My people.

Yet, when we each wisely review our own past mistakes, were we anything less than what we were subject to, often without the ability to overcome through the above mentioned knowledge; often with infirmities and other disadvantages; and were we fortunately, therefore Mercifully exonerated by that same Real Justice that Condemns or Pardons? Through this seeking excellence of understanding we are Given the ability to become good and gratified actors in the unfolding script of the Book of Life.

Psalms 33:11
The Counsel of The LORD Stands for ever,
the Thoughts of His Heart to all generations.

In unbelief, a major detriment is the absence of  righteous concern in neglecting the innate responsibilities that we each bear. Being Given the Gift of life comes with responsibilities and them that have the advantages also have the heavier burden to see that their responsibilities are graciously implemented. For how should we consider ourselves any less than even an army of ants or a hive of bees that diligently work together as a whole for the common good?
And in our shared witness and discourse on the Goodness of The LORD, His Praises and His Benefits, we do no less than noble work for the productive advancement of all the Creation of GOD.

Jeremiah 32:19; Malachi  2:6, 7; Psalms 98:9
Great in Counsel, and Mighty in Work:
for Your Eyes Are Open upon all the ways of the sons of men:
to Give every one according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings:
The Law of Truth was in his mouth,
and iniquity was not found in his lips: he walked with Me in Peace and Equity,
and did turn many away from iniquity.
For the priest's lips should keep knowledge,
and they should seek The Law at his mouth: for he is the Messenger of The LORD of Hosts.
Before The LORD;
for He Comes to Judge the Earth:
with Righteousness shall He Judge the world, and the people with Equity.

As for His Benefits, in one that can truthfully say that advantages and privileges had been seriously lacking, the measure of compensation has yet, amazingly yielded an Equity that has no measure.

Malachi 2:5;  Isaiah 50:5; 57:15
My Covenant was with him of life and peace;
and I Gave them to him for the fear wherewith he feared Me,
and was afraid before My Name.  .
 The LORD GOD has Opened my ear, and I was not rebellious,
neither turned away back.
For thus Says the High and Lofty ONE that Inhabits Eternity,
Whose Name Is Holy;
I Dwell in the High and Holy Place,
with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit,
to Revive the spirit of the humble, and to Revive the heart of the contrite ones.
Jeremiah 33:9
And It shall be to Me a Name of Joy,
a Praise and an Honor before all the nations of the Earth,
which shall hear all the Good that I Do to them:
and they shall fear and tremble for all the Goodness
and for all the Prosperity that I Procure unto it.
Therefore the desolate and pained labor is worth the conception to the sincere, if one has through it all gleaned among the foremost components of Truth, the very positive comprehension of the value of the profound, valid and Holy fear of displeasing The LORD. When that is understood, honored and implemented, there then becomes room for Equity.
Psalms 19:9
The fear of The LORD IS Clean, enduring for ever:
the Judgments of The LORD Are True and Righteous altogether.

But we say that GOD IS Light, why do we experience laborious darkness? Is darkness therefore also a kind of light that can lead to more light?

It is for mankind in travail, out here in the dark matter of the universe as in the belly of the whale; but not for Him, The FATHER of Lights In His Everlasting Kingdom of Light and Glory.

Psalms 100:5
For The LORD IS Good; His Mercy Is Everlasting;
and His Truth Endures to all generations.

We are occupied and preoccupied as we spend a major portion of our lives in trying to overcome the hardships, and we all, very much need the viable tools of the trade that we must acquire for our awareness and capability to do the job. Knowledge, understanding, fear of the real consequences of opposing The LORD are among the major components of the wisdom that leads to (our) success.

Isaiah 59:14; Jeremiah  33:8; Matthew 17:5
And judgment is turned away backward, and justice stands afar off:
for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.
And I will Cleanse them from all their iniquity, whereby they have sinned against Me;
and I will Pardon all their iniquities, whereby they have sinned, and whereby they have transgressed against Me.
hear you Him.
John 15:9; 1 Timothy 2:4 .
.As The FATHER has Loved Me, so have I Loved you.
Continue you in My Love.....
Who will have all  ... to be Saved, and to come to the Knowledge of the Truth..
1 John 5:5; Jeremiah 31:34
Who is he that overcomes the world,
but he that believes that Jesus IS The Son of GOD?
And they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying,
Know The LORD:
for they shall all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,
Says The LORD:
for I will Forgive their iniquity, and I will Remember their sin no more.

How then, can we avoid the pitfalls of opposing Him if we do not know Him, and are not innately perfect? Everyone needs to know the Truth In Him.

Many will ask, what is this Truth? Why is this prevailing Truth?

Jeremiah 33:6
Behold, I will Bring it Health and Cure,
and I will Cure them, and will Reveal to them the Abundance of Peace and Truth.

We can come to belief by the recorded witness of the multitudes that Jesus Miraculously Healed and does Continue to Heal In His Ministry; and even by our own witness, for experience and reflection oftentimes answer the questions of the basic category of, "Why me?", and almost always answer the one of , "Why us?"
The Social Science as to what makes so many so short changed in all the iniquity and subsequently forthcoming wrath, made by man is the key issue that should be addressed to a greater degree of understanding and integrity, if we are to find our common relief.

II Chronicles 17:9; Jeremiah 32:37
And they taught in Judah, and had the Book of the Law of The LORD with them,
and went about throughout all the cities of Judah, and taught the people.
Behold, I will Gather them out of all countries, whither I have Driven them in Mine anger,
and in My fury, and in great wrath;
and I will Bring them again to this place, and I will Cause them to dwell safely:
John 8:12; 1 John 5:4
( Jesus Saying, )
I AM the Light of the world: He that follows Me shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light of life.
 For whatsoever is Born of GOD Overcomes the world:
and this is The Victory that overcomes the world, even our Faith.

And how can we do this, rebellious and without unity? All need be made aware and to unify for our Victory; for at this point there is nothing, as well as too much to lose, and everything to gain.

Jeremiah 32:39; Psalms 111:101
And I will Give them one heart, and one Way, that they may fear Me for ever,
for the good of them, and of their children after them:
The fear of The LORD Is the beginning of wisdom:
a good understanding have all they that do His Commandments:
His Praise Endures for ever.
Luke 17:2
Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there!
For, Behold,
the Kingdom of GOD Is within you.

Eventually it will all boil down to the ultimate wisdom and the realization in universal understanding and implementation of true compassion, mercy, love for one another, the Golden Rule of kindness in understanding and action, all of which Scripture is easily found throughout the Holy Bible of The LORD GOD; as well as the pitfalls of iniquity. And when a worldly preponderance of that takes hold, the searching, the pain and the tears will subside and make room for true peace and happiness, and for rest for us in Everlasting Life; ...

Jeremiah 32:41; 38
 And they shall be My people, and I will Be their GOD:
Yea, I will Rejoice over them to Do them Good,
and I will Plant them in this land assuredly with My Whole Heart and with My Whole Soul.

...and we all have His Good Word to thank.

 Psalms 79:13;150:6
So we, Your people and sheep of Your Pasture will give You thanks for ever:
we will show forth Your Praise to all generations.

Let everything that has breath praise The LORD.
Praise you The LORD.



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Revelation 21:6; Habakkuk 2:14
... I will Give to him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely...
For the Earth shall be filled with the Knowledge of
the Glory of The LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

1 Timothy 2:4  .
Who will have all  ... to be Saved, and to come to the Knowledge of the Truth.
Revelation 22:13
I AM Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End. The First and The Last.
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