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2/26/09- 8:50 A M; PT - After watching Barack Obama's profile drift from side to side, left right --- to left... to right... on the tv screen in Tuesday night's "Stimulus" speech "reading," and again in today's 3.55-trillion dollar budget speech, I had an uncharacteristically radical epiphony, "Wow, maybe this prodigal pres. has a valid point!"

Like the country, we individuals certainly could use some high rolling improvement that will give us a 'lift', do-able and not so extravagantly worrisome after all: "according to Obama."

Maxing out on credit, borrowing from everyone, forgetting about paying bills would do the trick; ( I draw the line on printing out money) then going on a 6 month transatlantic cruise; followed by an extended vacation in the Bahamas; enjoying a "shopping spree" in the finest shops; and continuing to revel in 'recovery and self-improvement' with no thought about the debt ever catching up.

And if you think that's amazing, how about taking along a bunch of pals for their party-favorite, costly activities?

Until one day, when we kick the bucket, the kids will have to pick up all the bills.

Oh well, ...

Matthew 24:4
"And Jesus Answered and Said to them, "Take heed that no man deceive you."

Gotta' go, my travel agent is calling me back.


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