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Revelation 22:13; 1:18
I AM Alpha and Omega,
The Beginning and The End,
The First and The Last.

I AM He that Lives and was dead;
and behold, I AM Alive for ever more,

"Seal One".

Gerry M. Kaye

May 15, 2002

Revelation 6:1,2
And I saw when the Lamb Opened One of the Seals, ...

 ... Behold, a white horse; and He that sat on him had a bow;
and a crown was Given to him;
and He went forth conquering and to conquer.

"The Afflicting Psychology"

In trying to imagine the psychology of the violently afflicted that inflict violence, the grievous, hyperventilative feeling is so far, so far from internal truth and peace in being; so delusional, so tortured, grieved and motivated often by deceit: severely infirmed.

Mark 1:3
The voice of one crying in the wilderness,
Prepare you The Way of The LORD,
make His Paths Straight.

We are Given a spirit, and Formed in the womb, but what happens after that on Earth, is largely, and for some, totally worldly.

"Poor Babies"

Poor babies: slaughtered in, or born into a world so misled, so lacking, for so very many.

Isaiah 24:7
The new wine mourns, the vine languishes, all the merry hearted do sigh.


Is it any wonder that we have and need a Good GOD, Merciful, Patient and Forgiving, Long Suffering, Pitying and Redemptive? And of  them that do their work without, failing in their transgressions..

 Isaiah 24:5.
The Earth is also defiled under the inhabitants thereof;
because they have transgressed the Laws,

changed the Ordinance,  broken the Everlasting Covenant.

Too, I can envision a world, a better place of brotherly love, that simply lets their ways and laws be far more merciful and patient to all, pitying and redemptive, thus diminishing the power of the Resistor.

And one with many, many more experiencing the helping psychology of kindness, fairness and understanding, thus closer to internal truth, freedom and peace, and well on the way to being world citizenry of productive happiness, praise GOD,



The world has always known grief,
an old worldly companion;

But GOD Pitied, with Relief
within His Dominion.

Revelation 4:11
You ARE Worthy, O LORD, to Receive Glory and Honor and Power;
for You Have Created all things, and for Your Pleasure they are and were Created.

It's a world of great suffering,
and damned if we inflict it,

Isaiah 24:14
 They shall lift up their voice,
they shall sing for the Majesty of The LORD, ...

All pray grief won't stay,
world without end, afflicted.

In The Name of Our LORD,

Revelation 3: 2;  4: 13
Be watchful and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die; ...

And every creature which is in Heaven, and on the Earth,
and under the Earth, and such as are in the sea,

and all that are in them, heard I, saying,

Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power
be to Him that Sits upon the Throne,

and to the Lamb forever and ever.


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"Seal One"
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